Farmington physical therapy

Physical Therapy After My Accident

After I got into y car wreck, I was struggling with a lot of pain in my neck and my back.  Because of this, I was having a hard time just getting through my days at work.  There were times in which I would have to call in because the pain was so bad.  My doctor said that there was no permanent damage due to the accident, but he also suggested that I find a Farmington physical therapy clinic in order to see if they would be able to help me work through the pain.  He had a couple of recommendations for me, but I still decided that I wanted to take a quick look on the internet in order to find one that was within my budget.  There are quite a few physical therapists in the area, and that meant that I had some research to do.

Farmington physical therapy

After looking over all of the info that I could find on the internet, I finally found a clinic that I wanted to make an appointment for.  I gave them a call and they were very easy to work with as far as finding a good time for me was concerned.  I have now been going there once a week for a couple of months, and while my pain is still there, it has subsided a little bit and I am beginning to see and feel results.  I am no longer having nearly as much pain while at work, and that is something to be happy about.

I had never done physical therapy before, but I am definitely happy that I found this clinic.  I am hoping to be at full health sometime soon, and I am glad that I am dealing with the pain without drugs.

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